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(Preorder) Double Pocket Wet Bag - Solid Colours


Our double pocket wet bags measure 40cm x 45cm and have two zippered sections for better organisation.  The front hidden pocket is approx 35cm deep. The bag has  two long snap open straps allowing it to be attached to where it's needed - such as a pram or towel rail. They can also be joined together to make a single over the shoulder strap. 


This is a made to order product. Current wait times can be viewed here.

PLEASE ALLOW AND UNDERSTAND that there may be variations in ink colours between print runs and your device screen. This is something that may happen, as our fabric is ordered as necessary. As we do try to minimize this occurring, it is out of our control. This is not seen as a fabric fault and will not be considered as such.

Our wet bags are hand made from PUL - a laminated polyester that makes the fabric waterproof. Our bags are water resistant* and designed to replace plastic bags to hold damp, dirty and smelly items, and they are so much more stylish! You can wash and reuse the bag over and over again by just sending it through the washing machine.

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Please note: Our wet bags and pods cannot be advertised as waterproof. Sewing punctures the waterproof layer. All effort has been taken to make it as water resistant as possible. It is not designed to hold water, or to protect items inside the bag if it is submerged in water.  Please wring out very wet items in a towel (even better, wrap in the towel and place in the bag) before placing into the bag. Remove as soon as possible. Do not place wet bag alongside valuable items when in use.

(Preorder) Double Pocket Wet Bag - Solid Colours