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The Eco Kids Backpack - Atlantis (TEKpack)


We are so excited to get our hands on the last of The Eco Kids backpacks or TEKpacks. These backpacks are so great as a nappy bag, and are equally suitable for day care, school, sports and more.

TEKpacks are made from a composite material which is light, smooth, and wrinkle resistant. The fabric is extremely breathable so it doesn't hold smells, heat resistant, abrasion resistant AND oil resistant.

The large middle compartment features 5 elastic pockets, great for stashing drink bottles, wipes, creams, phone and more. The front zip compartment has a waterproof lining, and incorporates three insulated bottle holders and large mesh elastic pocket, which is great for ice packs. These backpacks really can hold a lot!

The hidden back waterproof zip compartment is spacious, perfect for keeping snacks, your phone, even your wet bag after swimming. On each side of the bag, there is an outer elasticated pocket, ideal for wipes or drink bottles.

One of the best features of the bag are its handles/straps. Comfortable padded regular backpack straps are easily adjustable for children and adults (with adequate length for broad shoulders), and feature an added 'quick open' clip buckle on each strap for quick removal of the bag from your back, which is especially helpful when you have limited shoulder mobility or have your hands full. We also have included removable baby blue pram straps so the bag can be looped over pram handles without placing stress on the backpack seams or stitching.

This limited edition Atlantis mermaid print is exclusive to The Eco Kids and exists in limited numbers.



The Eco Kids Backpack - Atlantis (TEKpack)