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What is a Wet Bag?

What is a Wet Bag?

Wet Bags are a relatively new concept. A special waterproof material called PUL is used to create a water resistant, light weight and flexible bag, often used as an alternative to a plastic bag. Wet Bags were originally used alongside modern cloth nappies as a way of storing the soiled nappy, but with changes moving away from single use plastic bags in shopping centres, and a growing social movement towards sustainability, wet bags are gaining popularity as an affordable and sustainable alternative for storage.

Small Wet Bag

Why do I need a Wet Bag?

Picture this…you are out at the park. It's a new park, you haven’t been there before and your kids run off to play. The next minute you look over and see your kid jumping in a giant muddy puddle. They are covered in mud. The clean freak in you screams “OMG get out of there’ and quietly swear at that Piggy TV show. But the nurturing parent in you thinks ‘they are only young once, and it looks really fun’. So you allow it. After all, you know that when they finish you have spare clothes packed into your ‘prepared for all occasions’ wet bag, and when its time to leave you will change your kid into the clean set, and stash the inch thick, brown muddy clothes back into the empty wet bag, and deal with that mess later.


Muddy childrens clothes


Now, you may not have kids, or your kids may be older, but you kind of get the point right? The unexpected occurs all the time. We all like to be prepared to quickly change, so the wet bag offers you both a clean and dirty storage solution. 


Who uses a Wet Bag?

Parents, swimmers, gym-goers, sports players, teens, children, grandparents. We could think of a use for everyone! Here are a just few:

  • Parents will love them for storing and separating clean and dirty clothing, nappies and the endless amount of baby accessories like dummies, creams, medication and snacks. 
  • Swimmers will love them for storing their damp swimwear and towel. We have all forgotten a wet towel in our car and won’t forget that smell.
  • Beach visitors will love them for protecting their phone and keys from splashes, and taking home their wet, sandy towels, buckets and footwear. 
  • Gymmies and Sports players will love them to pack away their damp, smelly work out gear and towel. Or even to carry a fresh towel and phone. It will hang on a handle nicely.
  • Teens/Women will love them as discreet storage for their school bag so they can always be prepared. And if an accident occurs, empty the wet bag and store the clothing until you can get home.
  • Day Care will love them as a sustainable alternative to sending dirty clothes home in a plastic bag. Attach the wet bag to their school bag so it can be filled at any time. We suggest a clutch size for this.
  • Travellers will love our bags as a way of organising their suitcases, with the ability to pack down clean and dirty clothing, and offer some protection to other items from unexpected leaks that occasionally occur.
  • Mask Wearers will love the wet bags. If you need to store a mask in your bag without it getting damaged or full of lint, a wet bag is a great option. Likewise, once its used you can return it to the bag to was when you get home. Store multiple masks in a clean and dirty set up if you use several through the day.

Wet Bags at the beach 

Why should you buy our Wet Bags?

Our Wet Bags are handmade and come in a variety of colours. These environmentally friendly and sustainable bags are reusable so you don't have to keep wasting plastic bags. Pick a favorite style and rock it! We want what's best for the environment and our customers, and we know you'll get as much use out of them as we do. Tough and Durable, we'll be seeing you soon in our store.