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Batty Clutch Wet Bag


Batty wet bags come in Clutch (30x23cm) size.

Our wet bags are hand made from PUL - a laminated polyester fabric that makes the underside waterproof. Our bags are water resistant* and designed to replace plastic bags to hold damp, dirty and smelly items, and they are so much more stylish! You can wash and reuse the bag over and over again by just sending it through a gentle washing machine.

Wet Bags are great for all ages. Everyone needs to store important belongings safely and orderly, and likewise, we also need a bag, other than a plastic bag, to stash wet, dirty or soiled items when we are away from the home. The wet bag keeps everything such as dirty nappies, wet swimwear, gym gear, sunscreens, make up, and underwear stored separately. 

The only problem with wet bags is stopping at one! Their list of uses is endless and you will always need one more. They are great eco friendly gift for all ages.

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Please note: Our wet bags and pods cannot be advertised as waterproof. Sewing punctures the waterproof layer. All effort has been taken to make it as water resistant as possible. It is not designed to hold water, or to protect items inside the bag if it is submerged in water.  Please wring out very wet items in a towel (even better, wrap in the towel and place in the bag) before placing into the bag. Remove as soon as possible. Do not place wet bag alongside valuable items when in use.

Batty Clutch Wet Bag