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Classic Sunflowers Swim Nappy

$16.00 $22.00


Swim nappies are a great reusable option for little ones in the pool and beach. Like their disposable cousins, swim nappies help contain little accidents that may happen during a visit to the pool. But the real benefit is you can wash
and reuse them over and over again, saving you money. Think of all those disposable nappies you saved from landfill. You really are a mini superhero if you think of it!  


Your new swim nappy has been handmade by Branches of Me, a small eco-business on the Central Coast. Each nappy has been made from waterproof fabric with a quick dry white inner lining. Soft fold-over-elastic is used all the way around legs and waist. They can be pulled up and down like undies, but also have side snaps to make fitting or removing the nappy easier on babies or if soiled. 

Sizes available 

  • S  - 4-7kg      Similar to 000/00 
  • M  - 7-12kg -    Similar to 00-18months 
  • L - 10kg - 18kg     Similar to 14months-3yrs 
  • XL  - 15kg+            3yrs+

Please note when choosing sizes: 
If your baby has chubby thighs, or is closer the maximum weight: its best to order up a size as Swim Nappies are non-fundable for hygiene reasons.




Are swim nappies absorbent?

Like all swim nappies, they are not designed to be absorbent, rather they are designed to keep what happens inside the nappy... stay inside. So as long as there is a nice seal around the thigh, the nappy will not leak any unexpected accidents into the pool.

How do I get a good fit?

The secret is to get a good leg seal. But what is a leg seal I hear you ask? Well this is a nice fit around the top of the thigh, with no gape. Your swim nappy comes with 3 or 4 rows of snaps so you can adjust the fit around your childs waist and leg. For the best seal around the leg, push the elastics into the groin/leg crease, like it was underwear. Then check around the leg to make sure it isn't loose anywhere. The elastic should be snug, but not tight. Sometimes the nappy may leave light elastic marks on the leg. This is ok. However you can tell if it was fitted too tightly if the elastic marks don't disappear after 10 mins. Loosen a snap next time.

How do I care for my swim nappy?

You can machine wash your swim nappy with your regular wash at a maximum of 40 degrees. Line drying in the shade is recommended, and it should dry quickly on a warm day. However if necessary you may tumble dry on a low heat setting. Remember, the material is lined with a flexible plastic and heat will cause it to crack and decay.

Classic Sunflowers Swim Nappy

$16.00 $22.00